Change Managment Consulting

Typically employers in Iran have been deprived of expert advisors or have complained of numerous inconsistent consultants and solutions provided them.

Apra Vista service delivery model has been fully covered mentioned weaknesses and as his strength over the years been able to take effective steps.

That in the fields of manufacturing, marketing and sales, finance and human resource, a package of change has been offered to contracting companies and in all sectors, implementation of the various phases of change project are integrated and coordinated. While separately in each department, planning, implementation and control of the strategic and operational plans are followed.

The most important competitive advantage over traditional rivals consulting, has been integration of services.

The most important factor in project management and development services, is senior management commitment to the change.

The success of these projects depend quite directly to the intellectual change of senior management and perspective and not apparent changes in the organization's processes and operations.

Therefore we had some very high stable and successful projects and some with limited short term successes. That is why the selection of projects are done with care and high sensitivity.

Typically a change project is planned and carried out in 5 phases:

  • Phase I: study present situation (weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats)
  • Phase II: Develop corporate strategic plan (mission, vision, values, goals)
  • Phase III: Operational Planning (planning, implementation and operational control, system and management tools design)
  • Phase IV: Training and commissioning of systems and subsystems and coordinating them
  • Phase V: control, reinforcing changes, solve probable obstacles

30 Jan