About us

Apra Vista Investment and Wealth Management (PJSCO.) was founded and known as Apra Sanat Sabz Co. with initial capital of 10.000.000 Rls since 2006. In Zand and Pazand Persian ancient language, Apra means the mother of nature and land which suggests gentility and honor, Also Vista means prospect and imagination.

At first the viewpoints of entrepreneurs was business and management consultancy services and finally until 2011 was solely focused on management services and change engineering. Therefore, in the fields of production, marketing and sales, finance and human resource, a package will be offered to the contracting companies and different phases of evolution and changes will be implemented with high integration in all divisions whereas strategic planning, implementation and control are executed for each division separately.

The most important benefit of this change package is its integration.

Since 2011 due to economic conditions and the employers need, investment consulting services was added to the package. This means economic and financial point of view was employed, in order to form a more efficient use of corporate assets. It eventually evolved into a leading wealth management service. So that today most of our power and energy are focused on wealth management.

To provide an infrastructure for the company alongside company's mission, vision and goals, in 2014 the name of the company was changed to Apra Vista Investment and Wealth Management Co. licensed by the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran and capital rose to 20,000,000,000 Rls.

Today, in the shadow of God big goals are achieved gradually and tortuous path of progress is easier than in the past. Hope that God will help us to fulfill our promises and responsibilities.

30 Jan