Wealth Managment

Apra Vista Investment and Wealth Management Company is considered to be one of the pioneers of wealth management solutions in Iran.

Wealth management has been popular in most developed countries benefiting from regular, clean and clear financial markets and financial instruments.

According to scientific principles and experiments, total investment assets in just one area or the market is not rational and always to reduce investment risk, the emphasis is on establishing a portfolio of assets. While in practice the mastery of more than one area of the economy and the market is still very difficult for experts. Therefore, it is more reasonable that individuals, legal entities, pension funds and financial institutions, manage their financial wealth by a team of professionals and experts and just monitor and evaluate the results.

Due to the complexity and volatility in the economy of Iran in recent years, to observe and analyze the market, appropriate use of consultants and investment professionals is needed more than ever and for risk averse and prospective investors has become a requirement.

Apra Vista believes that given the desired parameters for Investors, including returns much above inflation, balanced risk management, liquidity and desired duration of the investment, etc., has always a safe recommendation.

Scientific and systematic approach with practices and realistic view, is the basis of the decisions in this company.

Formation of a team of analysts and experts in various fields of economy, finance, management, law as well as a successful and reputable network of entrepreneurs and business parties, reinforces the success of Apra Vista.

On the other hand, ideas and business owners can validate and finance their designs with assets under management of Apra Vista.

This method is based on the internal mechanisms based on information collection and documentation of performance followed by process of evaluation and validation of the projects.

It is obvious that financing of projects, depend on the results of the investment plan and feasibility study of business plans.


30 Jan