One of the pioneers of the wealth management in Iran

Scientific and systematic approach with practices and realistic view, is the basis of the decisions in this company.

Formation of a team of analysts and experts in various fields of economy, finance, management, law as well as a successful and reputable network of entrepreneurs and business parties, reinforces the success of Apra Vista.

Apra Vista Investment and Wealth Management Company is considered to be one of the pioneers of wealth management solutions in Iran.

Wealth management has been popular in most developed countries benefiting from regular, clean and clear financial markets and financial instruments.

According to scientific principles and experiments, total investment assets in just one area or the market is not rational and always to reduce investment risk, the emphasis is on establishing a portfolio of assets. While in practice the mastery of more than one area of the economy and the market is still very difficult for experts. 



Change weaknesses to strengths

Typically employers in Iran have been deprived of expert advisors or have complained of numerous inconsistent consultants and solutions provided them.

Apra Vista service delivery model has been fully covered mentioned weaknesses and as his strength over the years been able to take effective steps.

That in the fields of manufacturing, marketing and sales, finance and human resource, a package of change has been offered to contracting companies and in all sectors, implementation of the various phases of change project are integrated and coordinated. 


Project Steps:

Typically a change project is planned and carried out in 5 phases:

  • Phase I: study present situation (weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats)
  • Phase II: Develop corporate strategic plan (mission, vision, values, goals)
  • Phase III: Operational Planning (planning, implementation and operational control, system and management tools design)
  • Phase IV: Training and commissioning of systems and subsystems and coordinating them
  • Phase V: control, reinforcing changes, solve probable obstacles

Creativity in interior design and construction branding

Remodeling of residential units and offices with quite specific and different European architecture, is the very first steps for Apra Vista entry into the Construction Market which in near future will be expanded to Villas and Complexes. 

For years, the construction industry has been the main options for investors and entrepreneurs. Occasionally this market has provided gains beyond imagination for construction industry and some heavy losses as well.

The most important weakness of investment in buildings is liquidity risk, especially in the recession.

From our point of view, creativity and innovation, especially in Interior Design and Branding can overcome this problem.



Innovation in creating valuable and memorable moments

Tourism & Hospitality

Establishing Unique International Resorts

Tourism and hotel industry are very attractive areas for investment, which has high potential for investors with a long-term horizons. At the same time, creativity in the design of all components, from architectural design to the most elemental services, along with the stability of the quality and values that can be presented to customers, can lead to the emergence of popular brands in the shortest possible time.

Apra Vista Investment and Management Company is determined to create a unique example of a hotel, recreational, cultural, sports, business, health and arts mixed-used complex with the joint venture of an international hotel group in near future. 



Analytical reports with macro and micro view of local and international markets

In complicated conditions due to rapid and continuous changes in economic variables at the international and domestic levels, observing the trends of various markets such as the foreign exchange market, real estate, gold, oil and oil derivatives, metals, etc. is of particular importance.

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